ProFoxx Asset Retirement Management

Our Commitment

ProFoxx tailors solutions to the unique needs of our clients at the field, management and executive levels. We balance efficient execution, cost control, risk management, and quality control.

We are committed to maintaining the flexibility required to respond to our client’s needs as they evolve. We pride ourselves on open, daily communication with our clients during projects. When our clients enter team meetings, we understand they expect to have a full picture of the current project status.


We conduct our work with an uncompromising focus on safety, using a robust set of standard operating policies and procedures developed over decades of hands-on field experience and project management.


Our commitment extends to industry stakeholders, including landowners, municipalities, and regulatory agencies, to achieve the results expected by the communities and jurisdictions in which our clients operate.

Our Commitments


At ProFoxx, safety is our first priority when planning and executing our projects. We are capable of taking on the role of “Prime” when on location to ensure all safety is covered when on site. We are able to go to the market for services required for each of the project needs. We can also capitalize on your existing vendor list, recognizing they have been vetted and used in the field in the past.

Tailored Turnkey Solutions

ProFoxx offers complete turnkey solutions to projects by combining in-house expertise and capabilities with an extensive 10 of 16 network of third party supplier relationships. This approach allows us to tailor solutions to our clients by identifying and procuring the appropriate services for each market. Providing one point of contact and overall prime contractor management saves our clients the challenges of organizing and managing multiple suppliers. Our procurement and supplier vetting process also helps reduce cost and manage risks.


Open, consistent and frequent communication of project progress is a hallmark of our services. We ensure our clients have a clear understanding of current progress and issues before they walk into their internal morning meetings. We provide clear and consistent updates on execution and costs throughout the project. Our reporting and evidence gathering provides a complete account of the work completed to substantiate that regulatory directives were followed.

Community and Stakeholders

ProFoxx understands that our clients place a high priority on their standing in the community with landowners, municipalities, and regulators. We represent our clients well and enhance their standing in these communities by executing projects with the highest integrity, keeping in mind the expectations of these stakeholders.

Cost and Risk Management

ProFoxx understands managing cost and risk is not merely procuring suppliers at the lowest cost. Often, the planning and flexibility of execution matter most in ensuring low-cost and low-risk outcomes. Our depth of experience in field and management has allowed us to develop program efficiencies, and our technical expertise pivots the approach as circumstances change.